Security Assesment


System & Server hardening: Default operating system installations aren’t necessarily secure. Server hardening is the process of tuning the server operating system to increase security and help prevent unauthorized access. We at GFSecuritas know each environment is unique and we work with you to design a server hardening plan that works with your applications while increasing security and stability. Many of the hardening items are automatically checked on daily basis with our monitoring and managed services where we closely monitor all critical network and server components in your environment. We also proactively notify you of critical hardware and operating system security alerts.

GFSecuritas on-site server security engineers perform regular security maintenance on your systems around the clock. Our experienced professionals will ensure that the hardening standards are in place and in line with industry benchmarks, and that your servers are patched and configured to comply with these standards. Non-compliant items will be fixed in a time-bound manner whilst ensuring first and foremost that functionality is not being impacted.

Linux Server Hardening: Linux servers provide a great application hosting platform for LAMP-stack applications such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Here are some categories GFS focuses on when securing a Linux server.

  • System & Server Hardening
  • Mobile Security Testing
  • Web Application Security Testing
  • Web Application Firewalls
  • Security Incident & Response Management
  • Wireless Security Auditing
  • Red Team Assessment
  • Blue Team Assessment
  • Purple Team Assessment
  • Spear Phishing
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Security & Network Audit
  • Application Security
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Source Coding
  • IOT Security Testing
  • SCADA Security Testin
  • ERP Auditing


We use the latest cybersecurity technology to provide the best solution in Software,
Networking Engineering and various infrastructures that response to
the modern market needs of security skills.