Forensic Services

Digital forensics is the use of scientifically derived and proven methods for the preservation, collection, validation, identification, analysis, interpretation, documentation and presentation of digital evidence. This evidence can be extracted from many digital sources such as CD/DVDs, hard drives, flash drives, memory sticks, and magnetic tapes, etc.

Digital forensics serves as a supporting proof or corroborating evidence often made by prosecutors and defendants to refute a claim that a certain activity was done by a specific person using a piece of digital equipment. The most common use is to recover erased digital evidence to support or disprove a claim in court of law or in civil proceedings such as the eDiscovery process in courts.

Forensics is also used during internal corporate investigations or intrusion investigation which includes additional activities like network and log review. Our data analytics experts transform data from a variety of sources into a format usable by investigative teams to analyze and draw insights, often building custom dashboards and interactive reports.

Our team provides the tools and expertise to acquire, process, analyze, and preserve vast quantities of financial, transactional, and operational data.

  • Cyber Forensic
  • Forensic Auditing
  • Private Investigation
  • Finger Print Matching & Verification
  • Handwriting & Document Examination Verification
  • Video & Audio matching & Verification


We use the latest cybersecurity technology to provide the best solution in Software,
Networking Engineering and various infrastructures that response to
the modern market needs of security skills.